Afordable & Comprehensive

Basic Package

  • Up to 10 x 360º Panoramic Nodes*
    10 x POIs**

*It includes up to five (5) panoramic nodes inside your business out of which two or three (2 or 3) are dedicated to the main entrance. This basic package can work for any type or size of businesses, but for an ultimate virtual experience, the space and layout of your business might require additional panoramic nodes.
** POIs (Point of Interest Photos) are still photos required by Google to be included in your Google+ page profile. These photos may include the following aspects of your business: store front, signage or logo, inside looking inwards, inside looking outwards, interior decor, menu (restaurants only), address plate, business card, opening hours, awards.  

What Is Included?

Additional Photos

Businesses with large surfaces and complicated layouts will require more Panoramic Nodes than those available in our Basic Package. Some  business owners might also need additional Premium Photos taken of their products or services to use them on some other advertising material.



*The number of panoramic nodes is determined based on many factors including the surface and the inside layout of your business. On the day of the photo shoot, our Google Trusted Photographer will propose to you the additional number of panoramic nodes (if required), presents to you all possible alternatives and recommends the one that best suits your business. The final decision will be yours!

Add A Virtual Tour Of Your Business On Google!