Millions of online users are now able to visit businesses like yours


Your potential customers will be able to find and visit your business on Google search engines, Google Maps, Street View and Google + Local. You can also embed the virtual tour on your own website, social media page or anywhere you want so that you don’t miss a single opportunity to promote your business.
virtual tour example
Your virtual tour and photos will be visited by millions of online users and this exposure will help your business earn better rankings on search engines. Your SEO position will also be boosted by the time and number of clicks your visitors will need to spend taking the tour in addition to the social media engagement generated (likes, shares, comments, etc.).
Enhance your SEO
Today, customers are increasingly relying on technology to take better decisions, save time and money. Street View | Trusted from Google offers them a way to visit your businesses and see with their own eyes what you have to offer them. You will earn their confidence and give them a feeling that they know your place even before actually coming!
Online Users
Being able to see the inside of your business and simulate a virtual shopping experience, you will be receiving quality customers that have seen, thought, got convinced and ready to deal with you. In other words, your time will be less wasted on potential customers and more focused on actual sales.
Florist Waiting for Customers
Winters can be very difficult sometimes in Canada and shoppers will think twice before getting out in the cold, get the snow away and head towards your place before knowing for sure that you have what they’re looking for. With Google Street View | Trusted, you give them no excuse not to come.
Removing Snow From Car in Harsh Winter
Sometimes, we take decisions based on the location of a business not on what it has to offer us. We know it’s wrong, but we simply don’t want to travel far and take the risk of going back empty handed. Using Google’s virtual tour, you give your costumers a good reason to head straight to your business because even if you’re not the closest to where they are, for sure.. you have what they want.
Google Maps Directions

Even when you’re closed, your potential customers can always pay you a visit! They will be able to walk in your place and prepare themselves for the actual shopping experience.
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We believe that every business is unique and has something different. The problem is that not everyone can see this! Using our highly trained marketing and photography skills, we will work with you to identify and highlight important aspects of your business that will help convince your potential customers and get you better results.
Photographer taking point of interest photos
Businesses with Google Street View | Trusted are displayed differently than regular business listings. Your business will be prominently presented on Google so that users can easily see your virtual tour and featured photos.
” Featured Listing On Google Searches
Today, competition is not only on the ground, it’s rather online! With Google Street View | Trusted, you will have an advanced leverage over your competitors. You will be able to be the first to attract common potential customers and build a better image in the market establishing you as a leader and a dominant player.
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Open the doors of your business and give your visitors the ability to take the virtual tour right on your own website.
Embedded Google virtual tour example
Having a website is not required to have Google Street View | Trusted. In fact, some choose to showcase their business only by having a Google + Local page that includes a virtual tour, point of interest photos and some general information. All offered with Street View | Trusted services.
New Google Maps Screenshot
Not only on Google or on your own website that internet users can take a virtual tour inside your business, but also on your social media pages (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). We will provide you with a special application that allows you to put the virtual tour on your social media pages so that your followers and fans can easily visit your business, like, comment and share the tour with their friends. This will boost your social presence, public exposure and brand engagement.
Joverse Facebook Virtual Tour
Millions of internet users use Street View every day to look for places and businesses they want to find. Your place might be nearby one of those search areas and users might just stumble upon your business and get right inside without really planning for it.
Street View Place Jacques Quartier
Google Maps usually takes about at least two years to update its imagery, newly opened businesses might not appear on Street View as they are today in real life. However, this can be somehow solved with Street View | Trusted: Google virtual tours start from outside with a special Street View arrow pointing right at the doors of the business walking users right inside.
Google Street View Car
Having Google Street View | Trusted and a 360° virtual tour of your business will definitely impress online users and will naturally intrigue them to write nice positive reviews on your Google + Local page. This will push down old negative comments and make them disappear from your Google+ Local front page.
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