Get Ready

Setting Up A Photo Shoot



Taking The Photos



Publishing Your Photos


Once photographer completes the photo shoot and receives your payment, he will proceed with the post-production stage. This process usually takes 1-4 business days and includes:

  1. Photo Enhancement: Photographer edits the Point Of Interest Photos of your business using sophisticated softwares and editing tools.
  2. Virtual tour production: Photographer works on stitching 360-degree panoramic photographs to create your virtual tour using the same technology used in Google Street View.
  3. Publishing your photos: Once work is finalized and checked, the Google Trusted Photographer publishes your virtual tour and photos on your Google+ Local page.
Once all photos are published and your virtual tour is live on Google, you will be the first to know. We will send you an email that includes:

  1. Completion of work notification.
  2. Link to access your Google+ Page and manage it*.
  3. Link to share your virtual tour.
  4. iframe HTML code to embed your virtual tour in your own website.
  5. Link to download all POI photos with full rights to use them anywhere, anytime.
  6. Application link to put your virtual tour on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).
  7. QR code of your virtual tour.
  8. Your electronic invoice.

*Please let us know if you don’t own or lost access to your Google+ Local page so that we can assist you to claim it. 

Knowing that we will not spare a single effort to make this experience as professional and successful as possible, we highly appreciate your feedback.

We encourage you to evaluate the quality of our services by sending us your feedback in a form of a testimonial (by email, comment on the post we put for your business on our page). We will also appreciate your endorsement by “liking” our Facebook page since we will do that to your Facebook page immediately once photos are published.

We take pride in working with smart and successful businesses like yours. In return, we will send you an application that permits you to put your virtual tour on your Facebook top tabs menu (the one that includes “Likes”, “Photos”, “Map”, etc.). This tool will be very useful instead of reposting the regular link on your timeline every now an then. You can also customize it and put your own image and text to tell your customers what is it all about (something like: “Visit Our Store!” or “Take a virtual tour!”). 

I Want To Add A Virtual Tour Of My Business On Google!