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The number of panoramic nodes required for your business depends on many factors. Prior to the photo shoot, the photographer will discover the place with you and will propose to you the various alternatives. Below are some simplified ways on how we calculate the number of panoramic nodes your business needs:

  1. Entrance: depending on the type of your main entrance, a different number of panoramic nodes is required to go from the street outside to get inside your business. Entrances with regular front doors usually need 3 panonodes, whereas an additional panonode or more could be need for vestibules or entrances with curves, stairs or turnstiles. Photographer will advise you on that before proceeding with the photo shoot.
  2. Walkthrough: the linear traveling distance in your business determines the number of panonodes required to produce the virtual tour. This distance depends on the size of the area that you want to include, the decor and the interior architecture of your business (for example, the more turns you need to make or the more rooms you need to walk into, the more panonodes you need).
  3. Number of floors: you will need to add two or more panonodes at each level to be able to link the floors together.
  4. Distance between panoramic nodes: it depends on the location of this node, but in most cases, the maximum distance between two nodes inside is 15 ft and outside is 100 ft.
Our basic package fits most of small and medium sized businesses. It includes up to 10 panonodes and 10 point of interest photos.

When you book a photo shoot, you automatically confirm the basic package. If your business requires more than 5 panonodes, our photographer will advise you and propose to you the different options that works for your business. At the end, it will be up to you to decide.

Once you agreed with the photographer on all the details, there will be one more step to take before proceeding with the photography:

  • Signing the contract: A Google contract will be given to you by the photographer. He will make a digital copy of it and leave the signed hardcopy with you. This document will guarantee the quality of our services that we will provide to you and will also inform you about some privacy and legal terms related to the use of those photos on Google.
  •  Making the payment: Payment is made on the day of the photo shoot after we finish taking the photos. We accept cash, cheques, credit cards.
Photographer will either start by taking the 360-degree panoramic or the still photos. It depends on what will be best for your business and work flow.

For small and medium businesses, this process should not take more that an hour or so. It depends if photos are taken during daytime or at low light conditions, it also depends if there are people in the place or it’s empty.

In order to have an acceptable walkthrough experience, please make sure to remove any physical obstacle from the path you intend to have in  the virtual tour. Panonodes are supposed to linked in sequence and they cannot passthrough physical obstacles such as chairs, tables, plants, artifacts, etc.

It is also worth mentioning that if your main business entrance can be blocked by a car, you would probably need to put a no-parking sign during the time of the shoot (or at least for 15 minutes and the photographer will manage his time accordingly). This will allows us to take better pictures for your store front.  

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