How can Google Street View | Trusted help my business?

Google Street View | Trusted helps you promote your business: when potential customers search for your business by name on Google, they will see the images displayed directly on the search results page. These panoramic images will also be published on Google+ Local pages, Google Maps and other Google properties and give customers a better [...]

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Do I own the photographs?

Yes, you will own the photos taken by our Google Trusted Photographer once you have paid for this service and the shoot is completed. Keep in mind that by signing the agreement, provided by the Trusted Photographer, you will also license the use of the photos to Google who will publish the imagery.

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Can I embed these images on my business website?

Yes, we encourage you to share the walk-through experience of your business with your customers. To embed the 360-degree panoramas on your website, simply find the HTML snippet from a good point of view of the panoramic imagery on Google Maps, click on the “Link” button , click “customize and preview embedded map,” and then [...]

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