Google Trusted Photographers are not allowed to upload imagery of:

  1. Some legal establishments such as police/military facilities, detention centers and jails.
  2. Some medical centers such as mental health clinics, abortion clinics, trauma centers, rehabilitation centers, and addiction treatment centers.
  3. Vacant real estate units like houses, apartments, shops (hotels, model houses and other publicly rented facilities are however accepted). This restriction is basically to avoid any legal issues with new owners not wanting to have their property publicly shared on the internet.

In addition, hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics, laser clinics, cosmetic surgery clinics, physical therapy centers, ultrasound centers and schools (pre k to 12) are eligible if they are open during the daytime only, have no residential facility and no person will be present during the photoshoot (or appearing in the photos). This restriction of having no persons present, or appearing in the photos applies also to adult clubs, parlors or any other businesses that are legally restricted to adults only (by age verification or otherwise).